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  • Romex Gasoline Engine Petrol GX200

    Model Number: gx200

    310,500 Tsh 

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    Product Description

    The gasoline engine GX200 is a versatile and commonly utilized power source in various machinery. This engine type is integral to the operation of equipment across multiple industries, from agriculture to construction, and plays a pivotal role in the functionality of small vehicles and industrial machinery. At the core of the gasoline engine GX200 are its high-caliber components. The engine typically comprises a robust cylinder block, durable piston rings, and a crankshaft designed to withstand rigorous use. The construction of these engines focuses on durability and efficiency, ensuring they meet the needs of demanding applications. The gasoline engine GX200 is not limited to a single application but is instead a preferred choice for a variety of machines. It's commonly found in garden equipment, generators, and even in small vehicles, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in providing the necessary power for different tasks. Key Feature: Power Output: The GX200 likely refers to the engine's model number or displacement. It typically produces around 6.5 to 7.0 horsepower, making it suitable for a variety of applications including small machinery, water pumps, pressure washers, and go-karts. Single-Cylinder Design: The GX200 engine is most likely a single-cylinder design, which is common for small gasoline engines. This design provides simplicity, compactness, and ease of maintenance. Air-Cooled: Many engines in this class are air-cooled, meaning they rely on airflow over fins on the engine block to dissipate heat. This design simplifies the cooling system and makes the engine lightweight and compact. Overhead Valve (OHV) Design: The GX200 engine may feature an overhead valve configuration, which offers better fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and improved performance compared to older side-valve designs. Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve: To enhance durability and extend engine life, the GX200 engine may have a cast iron cylinder sleeve that provides better wear resistance and heat dissipation. Specification: Brand: Romex Engine petrol Model: Gx200

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