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  • Ronix Demolition Hammer 1600W, Heavy Duty Use 2816L

    Model Number: 2816L

    650,000 Tsh 

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    Product Description

    The main criteria for selecting a demolition hammer are the max impact rate (in beats per minute) and the impact energy (in joules). Ronix 2816L with 1900 BPM and 46J is a good compromise for most jobs. Ronix 2816L, 16 kg 46J Hex Demolition Hammer: Electric models are the most common and versatile. Whether you are a hobbyist or a specialist, you will always find a suitable machine at Ronix Tools. The Ronix 2816L demolition hammer, with a weight of 16 kg and a power of 1600 W, can be the ideal item for all users. Motor and mechanism: A demolition hammer with a powerful motor is needed to help you on your job site for maximum productivity. The Ronix 2816L demolition hammer has a 1600W motor running on 220-240v to give you the power you need. This power can help you finish your demolition jobs fast because it can deliver 1900 beats per minute. To boost this BPM, electrical energy is fed into the cylinder and the motor's piston releases 46J of impact energy. This heavy-duty motor provides that premium impact force to operate heavy demolitions effortlessly. To protect the mechanical parts, an oil lubrication system has been designed for this tool to cool them down. Despite the protection of the tool, your safety is also a concern; vibration control is one of our protection mechanisms in this regard. This vibration control will reduce the damage caused by shaking and increase the life of the power tool. The Ronix 2816L demolition hammer is here to show you the real power! Bit Holder: The HEX bit holder system is employed for heavier tools. By holding the bits firmly and preventing them from deflecting or vibrating, this bit holder system applies the power of the gearbox to the surface in a concentrated manner and helps improve the performance of the 2816L demolition hammer. Body: The Ronix 2816L with 16 kg weight has a unique design that, together with the appropriate weight and the AVS dual anti-vibration system in the handle, allows the user to get better control of the device. This double anti-vibration system controls to a large extent the vibrations of 1900 beats per minute and prevents the device from shaking in the hand. The 360-degree handle and the anti-shock integrated with the body of this product allowed the user to easily use it in different directions. The handle of this demolition hammer drill is also covered with high-quality, non-slip, and resistant rubber that prevents the device from moving in the user's hands. Accessories and packaging: For better protection of the device, Ronix 2816L Demolition Hammer comes in a Ronix wheelchair BMC case including an auxiliary Ronix-design handle, a hex flat chisel, a hex pointed chisel, a spanner, carbon brushes, and an oil bottle.

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