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Hazina Bass Kama Nilivyotegemea
user review product image
Nilidhani hizi eaphones zina bass lakini hamna. Ni za kawaida sana.
Kuwa Makini hii ni solo microwave
user review product image
Hii microwave haina grill, ni microwave yenyewe tu kwa kupasha chakula basi.
Good headphones. Maybe should be a bit cheaper.
user review product image
I bought these around 3 months ago and they've worked really well since then. Good sound quality, they are better than average headphones, and I've tried many brands of its kind. The material is not bad too. If you are looking for headphones and havent made up your mind on choosing ones, take in consideration almost all headphones these days are not made to last much time, and you have to take care of them no matter the brand. I use the soft pouch always and its a good way to get them on a safe place when you are not using them. I dont recommend you to leave them laying around. Also the cable doesnt get tangled because of its design, which is very nice. They arent recommended for sports tho, because they can fall easily if you move too much. And if you use them outside dont expect they'll be loud because they arent meant to be like that. I think they are designed mainly to be used for home and not too loud spaces. Although, I like to use them outside because I dont like to be isolated from external sound.
Quality backpack
user review product image
Fits my laptop well, many compartments and overall quality and genuine Lenovo brand
Great design
user review product image
I purchased this a few months ago, as usual Sony delivered another quality product , well done Sony
High quality blender
user review product image
Perfect product for smoothies.
user review product image
What a great buy - superb, crisp sound with 12 hours playtime - it doesn’t get any better than this! I couldn’t be happier.
Jbl Tune 500
user review product image
The sound quality is absolutely amazing, to be quite honest I wasn't expecting it to be this great. I love the fact that the headphones are light weight rest comfortably on my head or around my neck and the fact that they are portable. However the cushions/ cover from speakers can sometimes be irritating. But overall I would definitely recommend it, it's a great buy and definitely give you value for your money.
Great headphones
user review product image
Use for gym. Sound quality is great, can hear clearly when on a call (and the microphone works perfectly too) and the bluetooth connection is seamless.
user review product image
Don't wait to buy... One of the best products from JBL. CHARGE 5 is an extraordinary performance... Bass superb... You can even modify the Bass level. Rating 5/5 😍👌👌👌


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