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  • Delta Washing Machines, 10kg Capacity, Manual Laundy Machine with Top Load Twin-Tub Washer, Energy Efficient, Cost-Effective - Model DTTK-010

    Model Number: DTTK-010
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    600,000 Tsh 

    Color: White

    About this item

    • Capacity: 10 Kg
    • Voltage: 220 - 240 V 50Hz
    • Spin Capacity: 6.5 Kg
    • Input Power Wash:380 W
    • Input Power Spin: 190 W
    • Power: 570 W
    • Features: Top Load Manual
    • Spin Timer, Size 975 X 780 X 440mm
    1 Year Warrant
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    Product Description


    1. Manual Operation: Allows user control over the washing and rinsing process.
    2. Top Load Design: Easy to load and unload without bending over.
    3. Twin-Tub System: Separate tubs for washing and spinning.
    4. 10kg Capacity: Large enough for big laundry loads.
    5. Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials.
    6. Compact Size: Suitable for small spaces.
    7. Energy Efficient: Consumes less power compared to fully automatic machines.
    8. Cost-Effective: Generally cheaper than automatic washing machines.


    1. User Control: Ability to manage washing cycles manually.
    2. Ease of Use: Simple design makes it easy to operate.
    3. Space-Saving: Fits well in small laundry areas.
    4. Large Capacity: Can handle large loads, reducing the number of washes needed.
    5. Durability: Long-lasting due to robust build quality.
    6. Energy Savings: Lower electricity bills with manual operation.
    7. Affordable: Budget-friendly option for cost-conscious consumers.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How does the twin-tub system work?

    The twin-tub system has separate compartments for washing and spinning. You can wash clothes in one tub and spin-dry them in the other, allowing for continuous washing and saving time.

    Is a 10kg capacity suitable for a family?

    Yes, a 10kg capacity is ideal for families as it can handle larger loads, reducing the frequency of washes needed.

    How do I maintain the Delta Twin-Tub Washing Machine?

    Regularly clean the tubs and filters, ensure it is placed on a stable surface, and follow the user manual for specific maintenance tips to keep it running smoothly.

    Can this machine handle delicate fabrics?

    Yes, manual control allows you to adjust the washing process to handle delicate fabrics with care, ensuring they are not damaged.

    What are the power requirements for this machine?

    The Delta Twin-Tub is energy-efficient and operates on standard household electricity, making it cost-effective to run.

    How portable is this washing machine?

    The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move and fit into small spaces, perfect for apartments or homes with limited space.

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    78 cm
    44 cm

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