• Nikai 25L Capacity 900W Electric Microwave Oven with 10 Auto-Menus, Defrost Setting and Grill, 2 Years Warranty, NMO250MDG – Silver Mirror Finish

    Model Number: NMO250MDG
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    530,000 Tsh 

    Color: Black

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    • Prepare a variety of dishes with this multifunctioning 900 watt microwave oven from Nikai. It has a capacity of 25 Ltr and several auto menus. Just place it on the counter and plug it in, and your sous chef is ready!
    • Automatic Menu- this microwave features ten preset programs to pick out. You can select the type of food and its weight. The appliance will automatically adjust the power and cooking time depending on it. Cooking has never been easier! There are several options like Pizza, Pasta, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Popcorn, Chicken, Potato, and Reheating.
    • Features – It has a mirror finish that gives a sleek look, a child lock to keep your kids safe and away, a digital control display that is easy to use and understand, a push-button opening door for easy access, and a cooking end signal that dings when the cooking time is up. It also allows you to do multi-section cooking. For example, you can defrost your food first and then cook it by setting the timer at once for both functions
    • Easy Control Knob – the microwave has a twist turn knob that helps you choose from 5 power settings and access times of 5 seconds to 95 minutes. It has five power options – P100, P80, P50, P30, and P10 for different food and ingredients.
    • Our microwave oven has a power mode ‘medium low’ that lets you quickly defrost frozen foods. It uses standard microwave heat but reduces the power to around 30%, thawing the food but being careful not to cook it. It lets you defrost fish, chicken, and other meats. It also has a grill option that allows you to crisp the outer layer of some foods and cook others thoroughly that might need different cooking than the regular microwave mode. It lets you defrost the meat by weight or time.
    1 Year Warrant
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