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  • Elefan Microfiber Mop Otto Re-Fill ELFOTT - 3Pcs

    Model Number: ELFOTT

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    Color: Multicolor

    About this item

    • It allows you to clean smarter not harder.
    • Can be used wet or dry to clean surfaces.
    • Extremely effective cleaning tool.
    • Getting the right amount of liquid in the mop is especially important for disinfecting.
    • Washing wet microfiber mop heads is simple by using gentle detergents in your machine.
    • Weighs less than cotton so it is easy to use than cotton mops because you use 10 to 30 times less liquid

    Product Description

    Elefan Microfiber Mop Otto Re-Fill ELFOTT
    Microfiber Mop 40cmStandard microfiber mop with pockets that can be used with 40 cm standard apparatus with high water absorption.

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