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    Hisense Washing Machine, 8kg, Top Load Design Laundry Machine, 8 Water Level Selection Washer with Extra Rinse Function, Time Delay Function, Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology, Self-diagnostic Fault-finding - Model WTJA802T

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    Color: Silver

    About this item

    • Extra rinse function for Better Clean
    • 8 Water Level Selection
    • Tub Self-Clean Function
    • Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology
    • Time Delay Function for Time Saving
    • Power-off Memory Function
    • Self-diagnostic Fault-finding

    Product Description


    1. 8kg Capacity: Suitable for medium to large households.
    2. Top Load Design: Easy to load and unload without bending over.
    3. 8 Water Level Selection: Customizable water levels for different load sizes.
    4. Extra Rinse Function: Ensures clothes are thoroughly rinsed and clean.
    5. Tub Self-Clean Function: Keeps the washing machine clean and hygienic.
    6. Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology: Adjusts washing parameters for optimal results.
    7. Time Delay Function: Allows you to schedule washes at your convenience.
    8. Power-off Memory Function: Resumes the wash cycle after a power outage.
    9. Self-diagnostic Fault-finding: Identifies and diagnoses issues for easy troubleshooting.


    1. Convenience: The top load design and multiple functions make laundry easier and more efficient.
    2. Customization: The water level selection and time delay functions allow for tailored washing cycles.
    3. Hygiene: The tub self-clean function ensures the washing machine remains clean and odor-free.
    4. Efficiency: Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology ensures optimal water and detergent use.
    5. Reliability: The power-off memory function ensures that cycles resume after interruptions, providing peace of mind.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much laundry can the Hisense 8kg Top Load Washing Machine handle?

    It can handle up to 8kg of laundry, which is ideal for medium to large households.

    What is the purpose of the Extra Rinse Function?

    The Extra Rinse Function ensures that clothes are thoroughly rinsed, removing any remaining detergent and ensuring a better clean.

    How does the Smarter Fuzzy Logic Technology work?

    It automatically adjusts the washing parameters such as water level, wash time, and detergent usage based on the load size and type, ensuring optimal washing performance.

    Can I delay the start of a wash cycle?

    Yes, the Time Delay Function allows you to set a later start time for your wash cycle, providing flexibility and convenience.

    What happens if there's a power outage during a wash cycle?

    The Power-off Memory Function ensures that the washing machine will resume the wash cycle from where it left off once the power is restored.

    How does the Self-diagnostic Fault-finding feature work?

    This feature helps identify and diagnose any issues with the washing machine, making it easier to troubleshoot and fix problems.

    Technical Details



    General features

    Washing machine type
    Top Load
    Washing machine operation type
    Full automatic
    Load capacity
    Revolutions per minute

    Functional features

    Start delay
    Child safety lock

    Washing functions

    Extra rinse function
    Steam function

    Material quality

    Drum material
    Stainless steel
    Brushless motor

    Physical properties

    33 kg
    Appliance placement

    What's in the box

  • 1 x Washing machine
  • 1 x User manual

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