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  • Nikai Water Dispenser Table Top – NWD1900T Tanzania

    Model Number: NWD1900T
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    349,000 Tsh 

    Color: White

    About this item

    • 3 Tap design : Hot / Normal / Cold
    • Compressor cooling
    • R134a
    • CFC Free
    • Anti-bacterial design
    • High efficiency compressor
    1 Year Warrant
    Free installation
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    Product Description

    Modern and Elegant, the Nikai Water Dispenser provides instant hot and cold water with a cup-push design and three tap design. It comes with a high-quality stainless steel water tank that withstands heavy gallons of water. This water dispenser is very dynamic and is usable in almost all places like homes, offices, schools, gyms, dentist offices, hospitals, libraries, and many others. The sleek design helps it blend in seamlessly. Just press the buttons, and you will have hot water for your tea or coffee and cold water for juices, syrups, or other beverages. The cabinet helps you store all types of essentials with ease., Environment-friendly Refrigerant- The appliance uses R134a for cooling, owing to its superior thermodynamic performance and low environmental impact. This Refrigerator is also free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) which can cause harm to the environment., Technical Specifications - It has a high-efficiency compressor for cooling, it is free from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) that are harmful to the environment as they deplete the ozone layer that protects the earth from the sun's UV-B rays, and it also warms the lower temperature causing global climate change., Features - the water dispenser has three taps that dispense hot, cold, or room temperature water. It has a low noise operation which means you won’t even know it is there! There is an anti-spill system to save you accidental slips and clean-up time after every use. It has double safety protection for low water and a stainless steel water tank, so you never have contaminated water, and the tank stays clean for long. There is a unique paper cup holder to help you avoid clutter around. It also has a cabinet that lets you store essentials easily., Anti-Bacterial - our surroundings are already a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and water dispensers can be an added culprit. The Nikai Water Dispenser has an Anti-bacterial build meaning it uses materials that will not let bacteria stay alive or multiply. It makes sure you never fall sick from contaminated


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