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  • Delta Washing Machines, 8kg, Automatic Laundry Machine, Top Load Design Washer, Quick Wash Option, Multiple Wash Programs, Delay Start, Time-Saving - Model DTLG-008

    Model Number: DTLG-008
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    700,000 Tsh 

    Color: White

    About this item

    • 8Kg
    • Voltage: 220-240v 50Hz
    • Automatic
    • Top load
    • Size: 560x530x529mm
    2 Year Warrant
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    Product Description


    1. Capacity: 8kg, suitable for medium-sized laundry loads.
    2. Automatic Top Load: Convenient loading from the top with automatic washing cycles.
    3. Multiple Wash Programs: Offers various wash programs for different fabric types.
    4. Energy Efficiency: Designed to save water and energy during each wash cycle.
    5. Quick Wash Option: Allows for fast washing when you're in a hurry.
    6. Digital Display: Provides easy control and monitoring of the washing process.
    7. Delay Start: Set a delay timer to start the wash cycle at your preferred time.


    1. Time-Saving: Automatic functions and quick wash option save time on laundry chores.
    2. Efficient Cleaning: Different wash programs ensure effective cleaning without damaging fabrics.
    3. Energy and Water Savings: Energy-efficient design helps reduce utility costs.
    4. User-Friendly: Digital display and easy controls make operation straightforward.
    5. Convenience: Delay start feature lets you schedule washing according to your schedule.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How long does a typical wash cycle take?

    The duration varies based on the selected wash program, but most cycles range from 30 minutes to an hour.

    Can I add clothes mid-cycle?

    Some models have a pause function that allows you to add clothes during certain stages of the cycle. Check the user manual for specific instructions.

    Is this machine suitable for delicate fabrics?

    Yes, the machine has specific wash programs for delicate fabrics to ensure gentle yet effective cleaning.

    How noisy is the machine during operation?

    The machine is designed to operate quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance during use.

    Does it come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Delta Washing Machines 8kg Automatic Top Load DTLG-008 comes with a 2 year warranty to cover any manufacturing defects.

    Technical Details


    Model name

    Physical properties

    53 cm
    53 cm
    60 kg

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