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  • Hindware Atlantic Cristallo (50 Liter, 2 Kw Storage Water Heater)

    Model Number: CRISTALLO50L

    500,000 Tsh 

    Color: White

    About this item

    • Glassline Core Shield baked to perfection at 850 ⁰C to provide superior protection to tank against corrosion
    • Injection of liquid foam ensures superior insulation, Compact Design and retains hot water for longer duration
    • Immersed Thermostat measure accurate temperature of hot water and instant cut off at set temperature Safety Valve release the pressure incase of high pressure build up inside the tank
    • Hindware Atlantic Water Heaters are built to withstand the high pressure of 0.8 MPa making it perfect for multi-story buildings
    • Outer Body made of superior plastic material which protect body against Rust & corrosion.
    • Capacity 50L, Heating Element Copper, Power Rating 2000 W
    1 Year Warrant
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