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  • Mashine Ya Kunyolea ya Umeme kwa Wanaume ya Philips Series 5000 - Inaweza kutumika na Maji au Kavu, Ina Pop-up Trimmer, Travel Case, Kifaa cha Kusafisha Haraka na Onyesho Kamili la LED(LED Display) - Modeli S5887/50

    Model Number: S5887

    480,000 Tsh 

    Color: Black

    About this item

    • Suitable for beard only.
    • Rotary system.
    • For wet and dry use.
    • Rechargeable battery powered.
    • 1 hour charge time for 60 minutes usage.
    • 5 minutes quick-charge time to provide enough power for one shave.
    • Cordless only use.
    • 1 shaving head included.
    • Pop-up trimmer - perfect for sideburns and moustache.
    • Washable heads.
    • Accessories included: cleaning brush, quick clean pod with 1 cartridge, travel case, USB-A charging cable.
    1 Year Warrant
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    Product Description


    1. Wet & Dry Usage: Can be used for both wet and dry shaving.
    2. Pop-up Trimmer: Integrated trimmer for detailing and grooming.
    3. Travel Case: Comes with a travel case for portability.
    4. Quick-Clean Pod: Included cleaning pod for easy maintenance.
    5. Full LED Display: Displays battery level and other indicators.
    6. Carbon Grey Finish: Sleek and stylish design.


    1. Versatile Shaving Options: The ability to use the shaver in both wet and dry conditions offers flexibility for users, whether they prefer a quick dry shave or a more thorough wet shave.
    2. Convenient Grooming: The pop-up trimmer allows for precise grooming of sideburns, mustaches, and beards.
    3. Portability: The travel case makes it easy to carry the shaver while traveling, ensuring you stay well-groomed on the go.
    4. Easy Maintenance: The quick-clean pod simplifies the cleaning process, keeping the shaver in optimal condition without much effort.
    5. User-Friendly Interface: The full LED display provides clear information on the battery level and other important notifications, making it easy to manage the shaver’s use and charging.
    6. Stylish Design: The carbon grey finish adds a modern and stylish touch to the shaver.

    Questions and Answers

    Can this shaver be used in the shower?

    Yes, the Philips S5887/50 Series 5000 is designed for both wet and dry use, so you can safely use it in the shower with water and shaving gel or foam.

    How often do I need to replace the shaving heads?

    It's recommended to replace the shaving heads every 12 months to maintain optimal performance.

    How long does the battery last on a full charge?

    The shaver offers up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving time on a full charge, and it takes about 1 hour to fully recharge.

    Is the quick-clean pod necessary, and how does it work?

    While not necessary, the quick-clean pod is a convenient tool for maintaining the shaver. It uses a special cleaning solution to quickly and effectively clean and lubricate the shaver, ensuring it stays in top condition.

    Does the shaver cause skin irritation?

    The Philips Series 5000 is designed with skin comfort in mind. The rounded heads move smoothly over the skin, and it's suitable for sensitive skin. However, if you have very sensitive skin, it might take a short adjustment period to get used to using an electric shaver.

    Can the pop-up trimmer be used for precise grooming of a beard?

    Yes, the pop-up trimmer is ideal for detailing and grooming, including precise trimming of sideburns, mustaches, and beards.

    How do I clean the shaver without the quick-clean pod?

    The shaver can be cleaned manually by rinsing the heads under running water and using the included cleaning brush to remove any hair clippings.

    Technical Details


    Model name

    What's in the box

  • 1 x shaver
  • 1 x user manual
  • Accessories included: cleaning brush, quick clean pod with 1 cartridge, travel case, USB-A charging cable.

  • Featured Content

    Powerful shave, gentle on skin

    with SkinIQ Technology

    Powerful performance in every pass

    With up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute, the SteelPrecision blades shave close, cutting more hair per stroke*. The 45 high-performance blades are self-sharpening and made in Europe.

    Adjusts to your beard for effortless shaving

    The intelligent facial-hair sensor reads hair density 500 times per second. The technology auto-adapts cutting power for an effortless and gentle shave.

    Flexible heads follow your facial contours

    Fully flexible heads turn 360° to follow your facial contours. Experience optimal skin contact for a thorough and comfortable shave.

    Engineered for precision and cutting efficiency

    The new shape of the shaving heads is engineered for precision. The surface is enhanced with hair guiding channels, designed to move hair into an effective cutting position.

    Deep cleaning in just 1 minute for hygienic shaving

    Powerful cleaning pod thoroughly cleans and lubricates your shaver in just 1 minute, keeping it performing at its best for longer. The pod is 10 x more effective than cleaning with water**. It is the world's smallest cleaning pod, so you can store it easily and use it anywhere.

    Shave wet, dry and even under the shower

    Adapt your shaving routine to your needs. With Wet and Dry, you can go for a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave. You can shave with gel or foam, even under the shower.

    Flexible heads follow your facial contours

    Fully flexible heads turn 360° to follow your facial contours. Experience optimal skin contact for a thorough and comfortable shave.

    Precision trimmer integrated in the handle

    Complete your look using the shaver's pop-up precision trimmer. Integrated into the shaver's body, it's the perfect way to maintain a moustache and trim sideburns.

    Convenient charging

    At Philips, we drive sustainability in all aspects of product creation. Our ambition is to reduce waste and minimise the number of USB adapters we put in the market. Should you need an adapter, a suitable supply unit is available via: www.philips.com/support

    LED display with icons to use the shaver intuitively

    The intuitive display shows relevant information, enabling you to get the best experience out of your shaver. This interface includes: 3 level battery status, cleaning advice and travel lock indicator.

    Shaver comes with Eco passport

    Our production facility for blades uses 100% renewable electricity, and our packaging is made with recyclable materials. All shavers come with an Eco passport.

    Strengthened with palladium for longer shaver lifetime

    The motors and batteries of our shavers are engineered for durability, having long-lasting power for a powerful shave

    One-touch open for easy cleaning

    Clean the shaver with ease. At the touch of a button, flip open the shaver head and rinse with water.

    Reset your shaver to new

    Within two years, your shaver heads cut 9 million hairs on your face. Replace the shaver heads and get back to 100% performance

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    • Kyle
      Best electric shaver
      Reviewed on 20 October 2023
      Color: Black
      I highly recommend this product for its incredibly close shave with an electric razor. It took some time to adjust to the fact that it only has one speed, but the results are worth it.


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