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    Hisense Inverter 9000 BTU Air Conditioner AS-09TR4SYDDB03/G - Ultra Quiet, Energy Efficient AC

    Model Number: AS-09TR4SYDDB03/G
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    1,050,000 Tsh 

    Size: 9,000 BTU

    About this item

    • Auto Restart: Automatically restarts with the previous settings after a power outage.
    1 Year Warrant
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    Product Description


    1. Inverter Technology: Ensures efficient and consistent cooling while reducing energy consumption.
    2. Ultra Quiet Operation: Minimal noise for a peaceful environment.
    3. A Rated Energy Efficiency: High energy efficiency rating, saving on electricity bills.
    4. Voltage Protection (VMSAT): Protects the AC from damage due to inconsistent power supply.
    5. Auto Restart: Automatically restarts with the previous settings after a power outage.
    6. Pre-Charged with R410a Gas: Environmentally friendly and ready to use.
    7. 24-Hour Timer: Allows you to set the AC to turn on or off automatically.
    8. Self Cleaning: Reduces maintenance by preventing mold and bacteria build-up.
    9. I Feel Mode: Adjusts the temperature based on the remote's location for personalized comfort.


    1. Energy Savings: The inverter technology and high energy efficiency rating help reduce electricity costs.
    2. Peaceful Environment: The ultra-quiet operation ensures minimal disturbance.
    3. Protection from Power Fluctuations: Voltage protection safeguards the AC against damage.
    4. Convenience: Auto restart and 24-hour timer add convenience to your daily routine.
    5. Ready to Use: Pre-charged with R410a gas, the air conditioner is ready for immediate use.
    6. Healthier Air: Self-cleaning feature ensures cleaner, healthier air by preventing mold and bacteria build-up.
    7. Personalized Comfort: The I Feel Mode allows for a more customized cooling experience.

    Questions and Answers

    Q: What is inverter technology in air conditioners?

    A: Inverter technology in air conditioners adjusts the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature without turning the unit on and off, resulting in more consistent cooling and energy savings.

    Q: How does the ultra-quiet operation benefit me?

    A: The ultra-quiet operation ensures that the air conditioner runs with minimal noise, providing a peaceful environment ideal for sleeping or working.

    Q: What does 'A Rated Energy Efficiency' mean?

    A: An 'A Rated Energy Efficiency' means that the air conditioner is highly efficient in its energy use, helping to reduce your electricity bills.

    Q: How does the voltage protection feature work?

    A: The voltage protection (VMSAT) feature protects the air conditioner from damage caused by power fluctuations, ensuring a longer lifespan for your AC.

    Q: What is the benefit of the auto restart function?

    A: The auto restart function automatically restores the previous settings after a power outage, ensuring continuous comfort without the need to reset the AC.

    Q: Why is it important that the AC is pre-charged with R410a gas?

    A: Being pre-charged with R410a gas means the air conditioner is ready for immediate use and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant that is better for the ozone layer.

    Q: How does the 24-hour timer improve convenience?

    A: The 24-hour timer allows you to set the AC to turn on or off at specific times, providing flexibility and convenience in managing your cooling needs.

    Q: What is the self-cleaning feature?

    A: The self-cleaning feature helps to prevent mold and bacteria build-up inside the air conditioner, ensuring cleaner, healthier air and reducing the need for frequent maintenance.

    Q: How does the 'I Feel Mode' enhance comfort?

    A: The 'I Feel Mode' adjusts the temperature based on the location of the remote control, providing a more personalized and comfortable cooling experience.

    Technical Details


    9,000 BTU
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